Reminder: According to the Australian Standard Requirements, face fix ties have to be screwed off! Not nailed!

What is Super Stubbie?

Super Stubbie ties are newly Patented face fix masonry tie designed in the way that makes bricklayers installation of face fix ties much easier on both Timber and Metal frames in Australia.

This tie has been designed by a bricklayer for Bricklayer’s and after extensive testing makes installing ties so much easier. The tie has passed all Australian Standard Testing for both Timber and Metal Frames.

This product helps save time on install as the screw is already set in the tie ready to be installed. We all know how frustrating it can be picking up individual screws and nails, you do not not need to worry about this when using the Super Stubbie.

The Bricklayer or Trade assistant just need to hold the tie and install it to the timber or steel frame directly using an impact drill with a 150 to 300mm extension.

Super Stubbie ties are very easy, saves on time, stronger and more convenient to use.

Why choose Super Stubbie?


Our products can save significant amount of labour which in time saves money on tie installation.


Our products are designed in the way that workers will not get injured when installing the ties.


Our products can save 50% of the tie installation time.


Our factory use full automatic production lines to manufacture the products and apply AI monitoring technology to guarantee the quality.


We offer different packaging options. We also have reusable sealing plastic carton packaging for transportation, which will prevent any damage from moisture.


Our products are very easy and convenient for installation. With the screws perfectly hanging on the ties, workers can install the ties in just one step. 

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