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Fair Use Extract from IBISWorld Report of July 2020 on "Bricklaying Services in Australia" ANZSIC Report E3222 Prepared by Profit Advantage Group

Forecast data for the Bricklaying Segment of the Economy is shown below:

Approximately 30% of the National total of Bricklayers are located in NSW:

The Industry is characterised by smaller players:

The spread of COVID-19 is anticipated to have a significant effect on the Bricklaying Services industry during 2020-21 due to the anticipated slump in demand from the residential and non-residential building market as investment falls due to the onset of economic recession. The industry derives the bulk of its revenue from the construction of residential buildings and there is limited scope for households to invest in new homes due to the concerns over job security and falling household income.

You will note that 65% of the Market is “Constructing Brick Veneer Walls”, so applying this “broadly” to the data from the “Industry at a Glance” Illustrations means we can hypothesise that the “Super Stubbie” may be used as part of the $1.8bn Bricklaying Market.

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