About Us

Super Stubbie Pty Ltd is a company aiming to detect bricklaying difficulties and come up with our newly designed products to solve the problems.

We are an experienced team of designers, architects, developers, projects managers that observe, design, develop, build and sell products with the aim of being a well respected product manufacturer. 

Super Stubbie Ties are designed to save time on face fix tie installation  and increase the efficiency of bricklayers. On top of this, the ties prevent injury from hammering in clouts. Traditional face fix tie installation requires bricklayers to place ties near each timber stud and then go to pick up some matching screws or nails. After that, they need to hold a screw (nail) with a tie and use a hammer or a drill to install the tie into the timber or steel frame. In-experienced workers will usually either drop the screw/nail or the tie, install the screw(nail) in a wrong angle or hurt themselves with the hammer. Either way, time will be wasted on an in-efficient way of installing face fix ties.

Our products come with a plastic holder that holds a screw on each tie. The workers just need to hold the tie and install it to the frame directly using preferably an impact driver drill. It is very easy, convenient and efficient. Experiments show that our products can save at least 50% of the tie installation time and the time will be shortened therefore increasing profits on the job.

We will continue to design and manufacture more variety of products and make bricklaying easier and faster.